Living cheap to live what I call”The Good Life”. How I did it!

Lets go over some of the important expenses.

  • rent
  • utilities/car and health insurence
  • food
  • gas
  • car payments
  • credit cards(debt in general on miscellaneous things)

First of all, credit cards, and random debts should be priority to pay off. these are unnecessary expenses. I would say to make sure to stay out of debt(like im sure most already know), and if it is too late for that, just make sure you get out as fast as you can(I will give some suggestions later on in the blog).

Car payments are sometimes necessary. I have however been able to buy multiple cars in cash, allowing me to have no car payment. I never have made a lot of money, being a full time college student and having my wife be a stay at home mom. Through living cheap I was able to not have car payments. In order to cut expenses and save it is a good idea to at least have one car with good gas mileage, and have that be the main car for driving around.
Utilities, gas, and food. With the utilities… I sometimes spend more than i have too, because I like it cold, so i run the AC a lot. We can save on bills also by turning off lights. Insurence is rough, if u can get it through work that is nice. I am getting kicked off my dads insurence in a couple months when i turn 26, so ill have to find a good yet cheap insurence plan… Which may be hard(some expenses you cant really lower, especially when it comes to your health). FOOD!— ok this one is a definite necessity. I have seen many ways to cut it down. Extreme cuponing is one way. My mom does this, and has taught my wife. It really does work. I will see if i can get some of those cuponing secrets up here in a future blog post. I find rice and meat and some kind of veggies for meals tend to be cheap, taste good and keep my budget low. U can flavor it and make it all different ways. With 2 kids, My wife and I have only spent 70-80 dollars and that will prolly get us through another week(we dont feel like we are starving… We eat good too!)in total this month will probably be at about 100-120 for groceries. For a family of 4!

This one is the biggest factor in my opinion in living a good flexible, easy, and enjoyable life–RENT. I had debt when I got married. Debt from buying the wedding ring, and car debt. We moved in with family for a little while. For about a year. We paid off my car, we paid off the ring, we bought a new car in cash, and we got totally debt free. Then we moved. It took months to find… But i found a 2 bedroom basement apartment in california to rent for 500 a month. This helped me to save more and quit the job i had to do more flexible things and have a FUN and better life. Then i realized things were working good. And i moved to another apartment. I looked for rent as cheap as possible without risking a dangerous area for my family, this is the best way i believe to live the “good life”. 

The less money you need to make the more freedom you will have in life. And the more money you will have for vacationing. 

It is worth a little uncomfort to live with family or do something a little crazy like that for a temporary time to pay off debt. Just remember to actually save and pay off debts while doing it, so you can have an easy future, and not just one easy year.

I have been able to live comfortably with just my income, with our family while i go to school full time with renting apartments with only 1500 a month. I am now up to 2200 a month to live comfortably(due to our move)


Make over 50 an hour(ANYONE)… No experience needed… No JOKE…

I am a full time college student, with two kids…. So I don’t make a lot. And I don’t have my BA yet. So I was excited when I landed an entry level job this summer making Over 50 an hour!…. It was awesome! Let me explained how this for me was perfect to give me the type of good family centered fun life that I want.

This job was a temporary job! For me…. temporary is AWESOME, especially with my school and in order to ensure I am spending time with my family and going on vacations. I like to not have the full year commitment, in order to not take too much time away from my family. This job was offered to me for 4-7 weeks. Full time hours. 8 hours a day 5 times a week.

It is not a specific company. To get this type of job, you just need to look for prevailing wage jobs. These come through places like school districts. These districts pay high amounts to make sure the work they need done gets done right. It can be simple jobs like cleaning. Many temp agencies can get you on these jobs also. I would suggest just looking online for temp agencies near you, and talking to them about prevailing wage jobs, and how often they get them.

It felt really good to make over 8000 a month as a college student in the summer and still get off at 2:30 Monday through Friday. So do the research on prevailing wage jobs. I cant give a direct website to go to… because there are tons of different jobs that are prevailing wage. Not all will be over 50 an hour, but generally they are high paying jobs. It helped me live life easy. I have saved most of that money and puts more in savings and makes it so I can take off 3 months if I need to with no financial problems. Work to party and vacation. Don’t work in order to work more… work to have fun and vacation!

Lets live life!

I’m a married student with a family, trying to get through school.

FB_IMG_1495695165979Hi! Im Jake. that is me out surfing in the picture above, surfing is one of my favorite things to do, and also one of the many things I do with my family as well. I wanted to start this blog to talk about ways that anyone can live their life fully. “Fully” meaning as happy and carefree as possible. Too many people get caught up on the unimportant stuff. life can become full of stress and be hard to enjoy, so lets not let that happen. There are ways to make enough money and enjoy a family with low stress. This is my passion… living a great life with my family, and having fun!