How much can you make with uber and lyft in california!

If u want to get a bonus when u start driving uber use this to get yourself a nice bonus>>>Uber Bonus Sign-up Link<<<. Make sure to drive safely. And dont be afraid to only drive at times or areas you are comfortable with. Your saftey is important! I have been driving for about 6 months. It has its ups and downs. I feel like i am finally getting the hang of it though. Here is what i have learned. And how much i make, i will tell you exactly. 

I am a full time student so i mainly work on Friday and saturday. I have been generally getting 1000 a month, but i coukd make more. And i have sometimes. With homework and stuff i generally work 6 hours at night. And come out with between 100-150. A night. So for the month after gas around 1000 probably averaging 260-270 a week. This is including tips. The days I work 10 hours I will usually make around 200 dollars at least. So potentially i coukd do that friday and saturday(which i have done). And i could make 1600 before expenses for the month. This is only working weekends for about 20 hours a week. Now if i work weekdays. It is hard to calculate. Ive made 70 some weekdays and other times ive made 10 dollars usually working 5 hours at night. This is why it can sometimes be hard to make a lot. The weekdays are not as good. I know in certain cities it is better but i dont like driving to other cities all the time for the gas i use and time. 

Weekends i make the most money fast. For me i spend my weekdays figuring out other ways i could make money. Or try to find hot spots in the city for uber and lyft.

1000 dollars a week is easy and is about 12-15 hours of work a week. 

1600 still easy but gets hard sitting in the car for 10 hours straight each day. 

You could probably hit 500 in 2 days where im at but i dont because id have to work like 13-15 hours a day. And i wont do that because i have a family. 

Week days can maybe add a solid 100 a week after expenses with a total of 10 hours worked monday through thursday(in my city). 

After expenses monthly estimate below:

Easy work(13-14 hours per week)=1000

Moderate(20-21 hours per week)=1500

Hard(30 hours per week *crammed in 2 days)=1900-2000

No life hard(45-50 hours per week)=2200-2500

This is not in all cities, sometimes it can be better or worse depending on the city. 

These are the numbers that seem to be from how i have worked in the past 6 months. I make less, only 1000, with me hardly working on weekends… But to make double takes much more time(more than double) because i have to work on the days i dont make as much and that are less effective. For this reason i choose to make less and only work the good nights. And do something else with my time on the slow nights. 

Author: Jake

Im married, I have a beautiful daughter, I'm a full time student, I work, I skateboard, I surf and im religous. Life is AWESOME!

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