Should English be the official language in the U.S? 

I want anyone who wants to comment to comment below on what their opinions are. I believe that being bilingual and learning both languages is awesome. I am married to a South American. I have learned Spanish and she learned English. Now we are bilingual. I think this is awesome and a great thing since we live in a world and a country of many cultures. 

When it comes to someone that only speaks another language and not English, should they be forced to change language and culture?… No… I think they should not. I think living here we should be proud of where we live, but also be proud of where we are from(or at least have the choice to keep up with our culture if we want). This country was built with people from all different backrounds and languages coming to the U.S. thats why it went from having only Native American languages to English, and Spanish and all other types of languages. I think people have the right to not be forced into anything just because they want to live in this country, which is known for freedom. We should be proud of being from the U.S… I know i am. But really the culture here is not set. We all have different backrounds. My family is Scottish. We have a clan in Scotland. And i am proud of my heritage and i will practice that culture as much as i can. Even though i am proud and happy to be in the U.S and have no intentions of leaving here. Scottish people dont have a different language that is used much anymore. So this is not a big controversy here in the U.S because Scottish people already speak English. The only difference with other cultures is the language. I believe people should be able to speak their home language as much or as little as they want. Although i also belive being bilingual is a useful skill not just for here in the U.S but for many places around the world. 

Author: Jake

Im married, I have a beautiful daughter, I'm a full time student, I work, I skateboard, I surf and im religous. Life is AWESOME!

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