How to make 1 million a year

Possibilities are unlimited. YOU can make as much money as you want with or without a degree. You just have to work for it. Whether you first go to school. Or you start your own buisness. Or you find a product to sell anyone can do it. You can even make 1 million a year from blogging, youtube, and sites like amazon and ebay. The only thing that sets the successful people apart from the less successful(speaking in terms of making a lot of money$$) is how hard and how long you try and work. 

Work a long time. Dont expect results overnight. Just set short term goals so that they are attainable and maybe in a couple years you will reach your ultimate goal. Too many people start blogs or vlogs or buisnesses thinking, “this year i will have no money problems and will be making bank!”…. WRONG… It will be hard… That is why so few get there. Part of that “being hard” is how long it takes. Dont get demotivated. Just keep trying. I fully believe that trying long enough is key to making a lot of money and is also the reason many people stop trying part way through when they dont see money right away. So SET SHORT TERM, REASONABLE GOALS. 

Work hard. Hard work is easier to talk about, than to actually do. Plan to work 40-100 hours a week… Even if your long term goal is to not work close to that much. Work hard and a lot to start right and get things going. If you are expecting to get rich off a blog you put 1 hour of work into a week when starting it… Good luck… It wont work. Work hard. Call people, email people, and get as much advice as you can. The harder you work the sooner you will see success. 

Work long and hard to make an easier and brighter future!

Author: Jake

Im married, I have a beautiful daughter, I'm a full time student, I work, I skateboard, I surf and im religous. Life is AWESOME!

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