5 Secrets For a Strong, fun and happy Relationship

Relationships are tricky… I am not going to say im the best at it. I am open to comments and ideas. I feel that so far my marriage has been happy and great. So i will share what we have done… Our “secrets” to keeping a good relationship.

#1— The most important thing to a happy relationship that lasts is FIDELITY. Both husband and wife needs to be faithful to eachother, meaning dont cheat on eachother. This however is not the only way to be unfaithful to your spouse. Trying to rid yourself of even the thoughts of cheating will help you appreciate your wife/husband more.(this one is not much of a secret… Haha)

#2— Surprise her/him. Sometimes things get monotonous, so simply changing the routine, and doing something special for the other will keep the relationship alive and fresh.

#3—  have at least a couple hobbies you can do with eachother. I think this is important, because i have seen so many people who in their relationships get one spouse to watch the kids while the other hangs out with friends or other family. This i dont think is always bad. I only say that the husband and wife should find a common interest or hobbie that they really truly like and want to do, at least sometimes with their partner. We should not always want to be somewhere else because our wife is boring. It could even be a tv show, or anything.

#4—  Fun family experiences. With and without the kids. Both are necessary in a happy family. And a happy relationship. It will give you guys something too look forward to as you plan the trip or the fun activity. You can mutually save financially for the event. This will put your family and relationship together more than most realize. In the end actually GOING, will feel fun and carefree and will create a feeling of combined accomplishment through meeting a goal.

#5— dont ever, EVER hid your sadness or anger about something the other did in a relationship. Usually this happens because the person says they dont want to make a problem, and they want to forget it. But they WONT forget. The only way to not let these feelings overwhelm you and loose love for the other is to talk it out. Be calm and just let each explain and say sorry to eachother. Most the time people just perceive things different, so offense will come unintended.
Like i said at the beggining I am not an expert on relationships, but i have felt like my marriage and life has been awesome! I would not change it a bit. And these are all ideas i took from seeing strenths and weaknesses in other relationships. And i truly feel like im living “the good life”. Leave comments below of anything else you have thought of that help happy relationships. Thanks!

Author: Jake

Im married, I have a beautiful daughter, I'm a full time student, I work, I skateboard, I surf and im religous. Life is AWESOME!

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