How to have FUN and make memories in your free time with your family!

For me this is important, having FUN! Sounds a little childish… And it might be, but i like to have fun as much as possible. 

I have realized that the easiest way for your kids to have fun and enjoy being outdoors or being active is if you are doing the activity with them. And parents dont want to play all the games they play… OF COURSE. So to solve this problem i say find stuff to do that is fun for both of you. I will list some of the ones that are fun for me and my kids.

In the summer i like going to the pool. This is fun no matter what ages the kids are. Even if im holding them the whole time. And if you live by the beach or a lake that is fun too. 

I also enjoy going hiking with my family. My family loves to walk around in the woods. And it is fun as well. It is awesome excersize as well. 

Going to parks is cool too. I personally like skateboarding. So i can always be skateboarding on the sidewalk around the park while i watch my child. And take them on rides around the park on the skateboard.

I think having fun with are kids is good. Because it leaves a good memory for the kids also. Some of my greatest memories were the times my dad took me skating with him. I will say though that sometimes it is worth it just to watch them play and have fun, because it feels good to see them happy no matter what. 

Well anyways i feel like this is a topic i think about a lot. And i try to do in my life. If you know of other fun things to do with kids let me know in some comments. Im always up for other cool suggestions. Its all about having a fun, good, family centered life! 

Author: Jake

Im married, I have a beautiful daughter, I'm a full time student, I work, I skateboard, I surf and im religous. Life is AWESOME!

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