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I’m a married student with a family, trying to get through school.


FB_IMG_1495695165979Hi! Im Jake. that is me out surfing in the picture above, surfing is one of my favorite things to do, and also one of the many things I do with my family as well. I wanted to start this blog to talk about ways that anyone can live their life fully. “Fully” meaning as happy and carefree as possible. Too many people get caught up on the unimportant stuff. life can become full of stress and be hard to enjoy, so lets not let that happen. There are ways to make enough money and enjoy a family with low stress. This is my passion… living a great life with my family, and having fun!


How much can you make with uber and lyft in california!

If u want to get a bonus when u start driving uber use this to get yourself a nice bonus>>>Uber Bonus Sign-up Link<<<. Make sure to drive safely. And dont be afraid to only drive at times or areas you are comfortable with. Your saftey is important! I have been driving for about 6 months. It has its ups and downs. I feel like i am finally getting the hang of it though. Here is what i have learned. And how much i make, i will tell you exactly. 

I am a full time student so i mainly work on Friday and saturday. I have been generally getting 1000 a month, but i coukd make more. And i have sometimes. With homework and stuff i generally work 6 hours at night. And come out with between 100-150. A night. So for the month after gas around 1000 probably averaging 260-270 a week. This is including tips. The days I work 10 hours I will usually make around 200 dollars at least. So potentially i coukd do that friday and saturday(which i have done). And i could make 1600 before expenses for the month. This is only working weekends for about 20 hours a week. Now if i work weekdays. It is hard to calculate. Ive made 70 some weekdays and other times ive made 10 dollars usually working 5 hours at night. This is why it can sometimes be hard to make a lot. The weekdays are not as good. I know in certain cities it is better but i dont like driving to other cities all the time for the gas i use and time. 

Weekends i make the most money fast. For me i spend my weekdays figuring out other ways i could make money. Or try to find hot spots in the city for uber and lyft.

1000 dollars a week is easy and is about 12-15 hours of work a week. 

1600 still easy but gets hard sitting in the car for 10 hours straight each day. 

You could probably hit 500 in 2 days where im at but i dont because id have to work like 13-15 hours a day. And i wont do that because i have a family. 

Week days can maybe add a solid 100 a week after expenses with a total of 10 hours worked monday through thursday(in my city). 

After expenses monthly estimate below:

Easy work(13-14 hours per week)=1000

Moderate(20-21 hours per week)=1500

Hard(30 hours per week *crammed in 2 days)=1900-2000

No life hard(45-50 hours per week)=2200-2500

This is not in all cities, sometimes it can be better or worse depending on the city. 

These are the numbers that seem to be from how i have worked in the past 6 months. I make less, only 1000, with me hardly working on weekends… But to make double takes much more time(more than double) because i have to work on the days i dont make as much and that are less effective. For this reason i choose to make less and only work the good nights. And do something else with my time on the slow nights. 

Should English be the official language in the U.S? 

I want anyone who wants to comment to comment below on what their opinions are. I believe that being bilingual and learning both languages is awesome. I am married to a South American. I have learned Spanish and she learned English. Now we are bilingual. I think this is awesome and a great thing since we live in a world and a country of many cultures. 

When it comes to someone that only speaks another language and not English, should they be forced to change language and culture?… No… I think they should not. I think living here we should be proud of where we live, but also be proud of where we are from(or at least have the choice to keep up with our culture if we want). This country was built with people from all different backrounds and languages coming to the U.S. thats why it went from having only Native American languages to English, and Spanish and all other types of languages. I think people have the right to not be forced into anything just because they want to live in this country, which is known for freedom. We should be proud of being from the U.S… I know i am. But really the culture here is not set. We all have different backrounds. My family is Scottish. We have a clan in Scotland. And i am proud of my heritage and i will practice that culture as much as i can. Even though i am proud and happy to be in the U.S and have no intentions of leaving here. Scottish people dont have a different language that is used much anymore. So this is not a big controversy here in the U.S because Scottish people already speak English. The only difference with other cultures is the language. I believe people should be able to speak their home language as much or as little as they want. Although i also belive being bilingual is a useful skill not just for here in the U.S but for many places around the world. 

How to make 1 million a year

Possibilities are unlimited. YOU can make as much money as you want with or without a degree. You just have to work for it. Whether you first go to school. Or you start your own buisness. Or you find a product to sell anyone can do it. You can even make 1 million a year from blogging, youtube, and sites like amazon and ebay. The only thing that sets the successful people apart from the less successful(speaking in terms of making a lot of money$$) is how hard and how long you try and work. 

Work a long time. Dont expect results overnight. Just set short term goals so that they are attainable and maybe in a couple years you will reach your ultimate goal. Too many people start blogs or vlogs or buisnesses thinking, “this year i will have no money problems and will be making bank!”…. WRONG… It will be hard… That is why so few get there. Part of that “being hard” is how long it takes. Dont get demotivated. Just keep trying. I fully believe that trying long enough is key to making a lot of money and is also the reason many people stop trying part way through when they dont see money right away. So SET SHORT TERM, REASONABLE GOALS. 

Work hard. Hard work is easier to talk about, than to actually do. Plan to work 40-100 hours a week… Even if your long term goal is to not work close to that much. Work hard and a lot to start right and get things going. If you are expecting to get rich off a blog you put 1 hour of work into a week when starting it… Good luck… It wont work. Work hard. Call people, email people, and get as much advice as you can. The harder you work the sooner you will see success. 

Work long and hard to make an easier and brighter future!

Marrying or dating someone with a different culture… Good or bad idea?

Good or bad idea. I think it can be a good idea for some people and for other people a bad idea. I will explain. First I’ll start by saying i get tired of people telling me” ehy did you marry someone of another culture, your marriage is going to be hard!” The worst was when my professor at the university told me “you will probably get divorced, most do in your situation.” I am a white american with scottish ancestry(im about 75% scottish) i grew up in California my whole life. My wife moved from Ecuador in South America. All her family are from there and many still live there. This is a pretty big difference in cultures. 

My wife speaks Spanish and English. Most her family only speak Spanish. Everyone in my family only speaks English. I learned Spanish while on a mission for my church when i was 19. But i still was not good at it. And did not understand latinamerican culture. So why would we get married??!!

My marriage has been awesome. And we almost never have arguments. We always stay calm and talk things out when we disagree with something. I have friends who married people of the same culture and could not stand eachother, and were divorced in a short time. So i will list some ofvthe key things that have helped us stay a happy family.

#1– Acknowledge the cultural differences you two have before getting married. 

#2– Once the differences are acknowledged, talk about how you feel about them and where there could be compromises on both sides to make the other happy. It is important to understand that getting married with two cultures means each side will have to compromise and be involved in a culture at least somewhat that they are not used to. 

#3–like the person a LOT. It should be easy to compromise and change life a little if u love the person and are attracted inside and out. 

#4–Visit the country of orgin of your spouse. Once you do this you will have a greater appreciation of their culture and who they are and how they grew up.

#5–Once married, and when you two feel ready i think having a child really will help the culturally different struggles. We have two children. They for me are the glue that holds the different cultures together in a relationship. Because they genetically come from both the cultures. It becomes different when i say my flesh and blood, MY DAUGHTER is Ecuadorian, it feels like it is a part of me even more.  I loved taking my daughter to Ecuador and letting her see where my wife is from. Then i also like taking her down to los angeles to surf and play on my surfboard. To see what my families culture is from there. I want her to know my side of the family and my culture… But she idms HALF my wife. HALF Ecuadorian i think that is so cool and lucky she can also be a part of that culture too. So for me i participate as much as i can in my wifes culture so that my daughter can know it too. 

I presonally find it fun and great. I learn new things all the time. And if you really love the person it will work out. Just be open and understanding.

One difference is my wife celebrating “la noche buena” at midnight from christmas eve to chistmas. I had never heard of it. But we celebrate it every year at her parents house every year along with my familys christmas eve and christmas day traditions. I think it is fun that we have more stuff going on and more reason to have fun and meet together as family. 

Let me know your thoughts on the topic. Thanks for reading! 

5 Secrets For a Strong, fun and happy Relationship

Relationships are tricky… I am not going to say im the best at it. I am open to comments and ideas. I feel that so far my marriage has been happy and great. So i will share what we have done… Our “secrets” to keeping a good relationship.

#1— The most important thing to a happy relationship that lasts is FIDELITY. Both husband and wife needs to be faithful to eachother, meaning dont cheat on eachother. This however is not the only way to be unfaithful to your spouse. Trying to rid yourself of even the thoughts of cheating will help you appreciate your wife/husband more.(this one is not much of a secret… Haha)

#2— Surprise her/him. Sometimes things get monotonous, so simply changing the routine, and doing something special for the other will keep the relationship alive and fresh.

#3—  have at least a couple hobbies you can do with eachother. I think this is important, because i have seen so many people who in their relationships get one spouse to watch the kids while the other hangs out with friends or other family. This i dont think is always bad. I only say that the husband and wife should find a common interest or hobbie that they really truly like and want to do, at least sometimes with their partner. We should not always want to be somewhere else because our wife is boring. It could even be a tv show, or anything.

#4—  Fun family experiences. With and without the kids. Both are necessary in a happy family. And a happy relationship. It will give you guys something too look forward to as you plan the trip or the fun activity. You can mutually save financially for the event. This will put your family and relationship together more than most realize. In the end actually GOING, will feel fun and carefree and will create a feeling of combined accomplishment through meeting a goal.

#5— dont ever, EVER hid your sadness or anger about something the other did in a relationship. Usually this happens because the person says they dont want to make a problem, and they want to forget it. But they WONT forget. The only way to not let these feelings overwhelm you and loose love for the other is to talk it out. Be calm and just let each explain and say sorry to eachother. Most the time people just perceive things different, so offense will come unintended.
Like i said at the beggining I am not an expert on relationships, but i have felt like my marriage and life has been awesome! I would not change it a bit. And these are all ideas i took from seeing strenths and weaknesses in other relationships. And i truly feel like im living “the good life”. Leave comments below of anything else you have thought of that help happy relationships. Thanks!

How to have FUN and make memories in your free time with your family!

For me this is important, having FUN! Sounds a little childish… And it might be, but i like to have fun as much as possible. 

I have realized that the easiest way for your kids to have fun and enjoy being outdoors or being active is if you are doing the activity with them. And parents dont want to play all the games they play… OF COURSE. So to solve this problem i say find stuff to do that is fun for both of you. I will list some of the ones that are fun for me and my kids.

In the summer i like going to the pool. This is fun no matter what ages the kids are. Even if im holding them the whole time. And if you live by the beach or a lake that is fun too. 

I also enjoy going hiking with my family. My family loves to walk around in the woods. And it is fun as well. It is awesome excersize as well. 

Going to parks is cool too. I personally like skateboarding. So i can always be skateboarding on the sidewalk around the park while i watch my child. And take them on rides around the park on the skateboard.

I think having fun with are kids is good. Because it leaves a good memory for the kids also. Some of my greatest memories were the times my dad took me skating with him. I will say though that sometimes it is worth it just to watch them play and have fun, because it feels good to see them happy no matter what. 

Well anyways i feel like this is a topic i think about a lot. And i try to do in my life. If you know of other fun things to do with kids let me know in some comments. Im always up for other cool suggestions. Its all about having a fun, good, family centered life!